Hi, this is a new topic created from email

and I am only typing words here because if the body is under 15 characters it will kick the message back to me and say things like: “We’re sorry, but your email message to [“discourse-reply+itinfra@hive13.org”] (titled Hi, this is a new topic created from email) didn’t work. Reason: Body is too short (minimum is 15 characters). If you can correct the problem, please try again.”

does the 15 character limit thing only matter for topic creation? or also topic reply?

let’s find out


is let's find out 14 characters?

Also, I think it has some connection with the user’s trust level - so perhaps as an admin I can post whatever I want, but I remember as a new user it restricted me making a new topic until it was past a certain body length (I think)

Yeah i think the default trust level is important. I’ll make it a point to read more about it.

It was next on my list to look at too. I was reading something about the trust level for staged users vs. normal users, and whether they can post a topic via email (if this is separate from creating it any other way, I don’t know).