Helping keep the bugs down/dishwasher

Heyas everyone.
The warm weather is here and as a result we are beginning to have flies and gnats in the kitchen area. I’d like to request that people try to keep the lid on the large trash can, and try to put anything with food residue in that can and make sure the lid is back on it. This should help keep the critters down.

Also, we DO have mice problems, I will get some traps sometime soon unless someone already has some we can use. Don’t store food on the counter, the mice can reach it there.

The round can is supposed to be the only can for food trash. The square ones are for recycling, try to only put clean recyclables in those cans.

A cardboard pizza box with grease on it is TRASH, not a recyclable

Ditto for paper plates and napkins with food residue.

The dishweasel-er-Dishwasher has been treated and seems to be working again. Please clean off food residue from dishes before putting into the washer and feel free to run it if it is full. (there is detergent under the sink). If dishes begin to come out greasy and nasty again, please report it so the machine can be treated again.

Thanks lots, everyone!