Help with welding project

I’ve got a project I’m working on and I need some help with welding. I’m building a deck and want to make cable railings with t-shape angle iron posts, welded to u-shaped railings.

Any members have the skills and time to assist? Also curious where you source metal for these types of projects…



Ed -

I can likely make time to assist in the evenings next week. This weekend is probably spoken for with the FabLab move.

I order from American Metals in Blue Ash, as they have reasonable pricing and can deliver right to the Hive’s dock. I also have a bit of angle iron on hand for practice stock.

  • Ry

Thanks. I’ll pick up some supplies tomorrow. Let me know what evening next week works for you. I’m free any night but Wednesday, July 4th.

Is the move on Saturday the same noon start time? I’m in town this weekend so I should be able to help.


If it is something you are going to be doing in a few weeks I can help you out as well. I have a few portable welders if you are wanting to weld on site due to size. My wife and I are down to 1 car and have been truck shopping to get back to normal. The place ryan sugested is a really good place or even garden street depending on the look you are wanting. Evenings work best for me and as soon as we get things sorted out I will have a lot of availability however for right now I have to check with the wifes schedule.