help with custom digital counter.

I was wondering if someone could help me with a project I am working on, I am making a Pulse rifle prop from the movie aliens, I need the ammo counter that counts down from 95 to 0 at 15 counts per second. Which it would good to add but optional that also activates an led during each count down with the pull of a trigger/button. (stops when trigger is released).

I have no idea where to begin for this, I see some kits online, for around $100 but I am sure I can learn something and do it for a lower price by doing it myself.

I’d be glad to help you. Drop me an email off list or hit me up on google hangouts.
My first “gut feeling” is to work out form factor / etc. and essentially make a custom shield for an Arduino, use the arduino to run the thing. This is a little bit overkill for the task at hand but will be a useful didactic exercise, too. This way you’ll be able to get started with something that is designed to be accessible for people getting started and put you on the track towards self-sufficiency in future projects.
-Dave B.

Hey Dave, I appreciate it. I will hit you up tomorrow, and send some of the current references I have seen to get an idea of what I am looking for. I am about to head to the hive to get some cutting on a different project done.