help with a soldering iron/setup

Hey fellow hiver’s! Sorry to post like crazy today about the sander and now this but I am in need of a decent soldering iron setup at the house, mine died. I am looking for one that has the adjustable temps and am honestly really not that picky other than its a decent brand that actually will temp up like it should and not a pos like some of the cheaper radio shack ones I have had in the past. I am open to anything new/used…just looking mainly for good operation and I am one who understands if I go the used route that things can burn out lol and that it is not under “warranty” . If anyone happens to have a used one that they woud like to sell please email me at and let me know what you have and how much. I have a <ok butane one im trying to find my parts and tips for as I used it at the maker faire last lol. I know soldering at the hive is always nice but with some car stuff coming up and working on old power tool motors to try and get new cords on them I really need one at the house. Thank you in advance for any info/links anyone may have to help me out or know of any crazy sales. I tried finding one today while searching for tools at the flea makets but everything was extremely cheap and non adjustable wattage. Thank you!


I have this one:

If you don’t want the “digital”:

These are nice because you can replace the tips.
I would also get some chisel tips.



Those are exactly what I’m looking for, are you selling either of them or they just what you use personally

Those are from Amazon. Should link right to the page.

We got prime, can’t thank you enough for the information. Which one is easier to get tips for locally if possible, and which one do you think is going to be the best longevity wise? Thanks a bunch for your time I really appreciate it buddy!

You won’t find tips locally. Order spares.

Yes I would order at least two chisel tips.

And maybe a big one.

The conical tip it comes with is much to small for most work.
There are tip sets but some are crap. Of curse Weller is best followed by Hakko.
For intermittent work Aoyue is fine.

Good times,


Sorry didn’t read through your questions.

I like the digital one because you can gauge the temperature (I doubt it is super accurate but I think it is repeatable). The knob one is just a number on the scale.
I guess it comes down to remembering a temperature or a “7”. :grinning:
If you really want longevity, probably get the Hakko.

They are the Toyota of soldering stations.

But if you want to save $ then the knob Aoyue with some tips will get you in for about 1/2 the cost.



Awesome guys thank you

+1 hakko. They aren’t weller clones, they actually have higher end stuff that kicks weller’s ass. I like the fx888 a lot. I’ve had my hakko station running strong for 10 years of continuous use.

I blew through an Auyueoawaaaa in a month or two so and just ponied up the $300. Now that the 888 is under 100, it’s a no-brainer.

Be careful of imitations… I had a friend end up with a “qaakko” delivered to his door…


The Xytronic solder/desolder at the hive was purchased in 2002. It saw moderately heavy use as was using it pretty much daily for 5 or 6 years of it’s life. I have put 2 membrane pump rebuild kits in it along with a bunch of tips. Rockstar. And Howard Electronics that I bought it from has great customer service.


Wasn’t sure of the Hakko/Weller comparison. I know Hakko is very well talked about on the web.

Yes I wouldn’t do eBay for any of it. Might end up with Haxxo or Haako. :grinning:


Xytronics is solid. If you haven’t used it, it’s pretty good. I often prefer the iron to the welled, lighter and more comfortable. Good tip.

I came across this as a recommendation when looking at all the iron setups… it was a genuine distributor and got one of the 10 packs of tips to start

Hopefully I did alright for the price.if not I got prime and can swap it out.

Xytronics is solid. If you haven’t used it, it’s pretty good. I often prefer the iron to the welled, lighter and more comfortable. Good tip.

It will work for a while.

I had the aoyue 937+ for a while. Dave is right, it will work for a while before either the electronics go bad or the tips die. Good thing you got a 10 pack, they are pretty terrible.