help with a amplifier board please and in need of a media box.

So today marks an EXTREMELY odd including lots of high pressure air coming through the water lines followed by power outages in the area on and off all day. We do have the “strike force” (I believe) meter from duke energy that we had to pay quite a bit for a few years back after 2 “surges” weeks apart that made us lose 3 tvs, microwave, desktop, and other various things. We are supposed to get a complimentary insurance to cover things however I do not know the details and would love to hear if any of you have gone through this with duke and their proces. If for some reason one of you can help me scope the board and see if we can diagnose it and just fix it it would be nice to get back on an o scope and otner tools than just a meter. What I have gathered is that the unit powers on however there is no sound output and the speaker is in fine condition. It is a standalone powered JBL subwoofer that was a pretty decent model and the unit is from the late 90s early 2000s and its not a pos circuit board that seems to be very easy to get readings from and replace stuff. It is insane how much when everything works with an audio system in all ranges however DON NOT take it for granted lmao every show sounds completely different and terrible with how all the cross overs work.

Now onto part 2 lol…I had spoken with a newer member who had a roku he was getting rid of as I was looking at setting up IPTV service after getting a firestick and playing around with that. I was wanting to try out one of the roku boxes or even if anyone has a recommendation for a ebay or aliexpress box that comes with chipset that looks to be fairly decent and they range around 30 to 50 bucks for a box with a lot more processing power etc…or does anyone recommend doing a build with a pi of some sort as I have seen in some of the forums. If that newer member I talked to still has that box or if anyone else is selling or could give me direction I would GREATLY appreciate it as it will help with the bills a bunch. The main reason I am looking at the boxes over the sticks is storage, My firestick works however from what I have experienced with it and the buffering/bogging down.

Thank you all for my incredibly long winded post, its been a long day followed by a long list of problems unfortunately. Whoever will be at the hive tomorrow I will be firing up the grill while working on ptdr and cleaning.

Thank You ALL for your time!

I can help you with the audio amplifier at some point.

Haven’t been through the process, but if I had had those sorts of results from Duke I’d seriously consider putting in a whole house surge protector. I’ve been thinking about doing it anyway, they’re not super expensive ($100-200), and should prevent stuff like that.

I have a Techtronix 2-channel 10 MHz o-scope, but only one channel is working. I am willing to lend it and any diagnostic skills I might have toward the audio board.

My likeliest guess for the causes of the malfunction are bad power for the output stage or a bad output transistor.

Lorin looked at it last night with me. I might try the main caps. Also for what I can get a refurbished one from Polk down the road I dono…it would be fun to take a look at it down there I am crazy busy for the next 2 weeks.