Help using CNC Router

Anyone certified with the CNC router going to be in the shop tonight or tomorrow (the 6th or 7th)? I’m thinking about using it for a project for school but I’m not sure it’d be feasible without a test run.

Thanks in advance!

Storm Hamilton

I may be around at the meeting tomorrow

I should be there for the meeting.


Hey Brad,

Any chance you’d be able to meet me at the hive tomorrow or Friday (the 9th or 10th) to help me out with the CNC Router? I got my hands on the bits I was missing yesterday so I think I’m ready now, just need someone to help run the machine.

No worries if you can’t, I was planning to ask Tim and Russell as well so hopefully one of them could help me since I think Coy is unavailable.




Sorry I’m a bit busy the next few days. I could possibly meet up with you Sat or Sun.


Alright, well I appreciate the quick response, I’ll let you know if I’m still looking for help come the weekend.

Thanks again!


Uc is off tomorrow so I could probably swing in to help if no one else can.

That would be great! What time were you thinking?

I can swing by there after I drop my kiddo off at school (so around 8:30) or later (I only live 10-15mkns away). What time were you thinking?

Hmmm . . . .

mkns - milli kilo nano seconds. milli and kilo cancel each other out so she lives ~12 nanoseconds away. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just some fun engineering morning humor . . .

Sorry, not an early riser on off-days xD, would 12:30 work?




Let me know if you'd be willing to help out any time the rest of the day. I'm completely free so whenever is fine with me, just give me a heads up when you'll be there since I can't get into the shop on my own.