Help us get a gigantic laser cutter!

Hi everyone,

We are getting a bigger (gigantic, really) laser cutter for the space since we have outgrown our current laser. Our current laser cutter was purchased 100% through donations and we want to try that again! This will also be a great chance to get really cheap minutes for laser cutting.

We would like to raise at least $4,000 to pay for half of the total cost. When you donate you will be purchasing laser minutes at half of the normal rate of 50 cents per minute. So if you donate $250 you will get 1000 minutes. Minutes will be usable on either laser. Please note that you don’t need to be a member to buy, sell, or use minutes. If you have minutes, but aren’t a member you can have a member who has been trained on the laser cut items for you.

There is a pledgie campaign set up at right now. If you can, it would be best to write a check which can either be given to myself or Jim Dallam as pledgie takes a 3% cut and paypal takes another 3% cut for a total of 6% of your donation.

Thank you so much to everyone who chips in! Every little bit helps us make a cooler and more useful space.


Just wanted to give everyone an update on the laser.

They received the money a few days ago and the laser will be shipped to us in about a week. That means it will probably somewhere between one and two months before it arrives at the hive!

The pledgie will stay up for a while longer. Remember that every dollar you donate means another dollar for other upgrades!


I can just send paypal to hive account earmarked for this to avoid fees, right?

Yes! (from the Treasurer)


Will it still be open Tuesday? The original announcement said checks were better: no fees.


You can definitely do that, just send me an email with how much you donated and I will give you your minutes and add you to the pledgie.

It will definitely still be open on Tuesday. I’ll try to send out a reminder email for anyone who wants to pay by cash or check at the meeting.

Thank you guys!

I’ll do the paypal thing if that’s a kosher option. What is the address? is the email to use.

Don’t forget to email me the amount so I can credit the laser minutes!

Thank you!!

Just a quick reminder before the meeting to anyone who wanted to donate! I’ll be here until probably 9 at least.


Our laser was loaded on a container ship which left port yesterday!

If you’re really bored you can watch it slowly, slowly travel across the Pacific ocean:

It will be about 3 weeks before it gets to canada and I’m not sure how long it will take to get to us from there. Maybe a week or two?


So soon? Shucks, I forgot to donate.

It isn’t too late!

The fundraiser is still running if you want to donate. :slight_smile:

I just got an update and it looks like the laser will be here in just about two weeks!

Remind me tonight… I have copies of my FDA and other paperwork for the import stuff… it’s hidden in my email somewhere, but should be easy to find.