Help This Weekend Installing Glass Area Vent Hood

Hey everyone!

I’d like to try and get the glasswork area vent hood mounted to the ceiling/wall this weekend. Is anyone available to help? I’m thinking around 3:00 tomorrow (Saturday 10/9/2020).

There are a number of steps required to get it done:

  1. Cut a hole in the wall for the exterior exhaust damper. I have a long 3/8" cement drill and a masonry angle grinder disk for this. We can chain drill the perimeter of the section to remove, then knock out the core, then finish it with the angle grinder to smooth it out and get it to finished size.
  2. Install the backdraft damper outside. This will need to be done on an extension ladder outside in the lightwell. The backdraft damper will need to be fastened to the building with TapCons and sealed with silicone.
  3. Build lifting/holding fixtures to lift the hood frame up into position and hold it in place while it’s fastened to the ceiling and wall. This could be 2x4’s with chocks that can be wedged in place, or Dave V. had a concept for a hinged trapezoid that would use a ratchet strap to lift the whole assembly up to the ceiling and hold it in place.
  4. Temporarily pull back the electrical lines run to the glass area. several existing electrical lines will need to be re-routed through the frame of the vent hood, they need to be pulled out of the way to get it installed.
  5. Drill for, and install wedge anchors in the ceiling, and tapcons into the block wall to permanently fasten the frame in place (this is my goal for tomorrow, anything additional would be an unexpected bonus).

Some of this will require ladder climbing and some requires heavy lifting (not too bad, not more than ~50lb per person). I think a team of 4-5 people (including myself) could get it done readily.

Anyone willing to lend a hand to get this done?


Kevin M.

HI Kevin,

Count me in!

See ya 'round 3PM.

  • Todd

Is anyone available Thursday evening to help try and get this done? We got the hole in the wall cut, the backdraft damper installed, the electrical pulled out of the way, and the lifting fixture made this weekend. All that’s left that requires teamwork is to hang the hood. If possible, I’d like to have 4-5 people on hand to get the hood lifted in place and fastened to the ceiling.