Help spread the word: July 21 open house

Poster attached. Please hang it up wherever makers can be found.

hive13-poster-rev-b.pdf (848 KB)

Very Good! Thanks for making this up!

My only criticisms:

  1. I’d invert paragraph 1 + 2. I think it reads a lot better with information about Hive13 before information about the event.
  2. I’d mix language a little more and use both the words “makerspace” and “hackerspace.” Was this a deliberate decision when dealing with John Q. Public or?
  3. I’d mention something about the 3 year anniversary of the space.

I’m using it as a guideline for submitting this as an event to CityBeat. Hopefully it’s not too late to make next week’s edition. I found Hive13 through Citybeat - we should put something in their events section.

-Dave B.

"Hive13 is Cincinnati’s only not-for-profit makerspace. Hive13 aims to create a place where a diverse community can collaborate and pursue creative projects. In addition to celebrating its third birthday, this free open house will give the public a chance to explore the unique resources of the facility. In the 3500 sq-ft space there will be soldering, resin casting, 3D printing, laser cutting and lock picking among other activities. Also, members will be showcasing some of their completed projects and there will be regular tours of the space highlighting the tools and resources available. "

Submitted to Citybeat

Hey Dave, I actually already submitted event info to City Beat and Metromix. I wish you’d seen the poster last night when I passed it around for criticism.

In the release info I sent to the papers, I included info about the anniversary. I think you’re right to include both Makerspace and Hackerspace. I’ll update tonight and send out a revision. I’m also happy to do different versions as needed (or I can provide the source file).

I created an event on g+

Tif, you did a great job with it. There might be duplicate submissions to Citybeat lol. My mistake. I saw the flyer last night and I guess my brain didn’t work. Thanks a lot for taking the time to put together something so aesthetically pleasing!

No problem, hopeful this means Citybeat will definitely post the event! I checked this morning, and neither Metromix nor Citybeat has posted the info.

Attached is another version of the poster.


hive13-poster-rev-c.pdf (693 KB)