Help out the hive! Take on an orphan project...


We have a few awesome projects that have lost momentum simply due to people getting busy with work, life, etc. I’d like to encourage members to consider taking on a project in progress to keep hive growing.

Here are the “limbo projects”:

Shapeoko mini CNC - Awesome little CNC machine. Can do PCBs, engrave metal, and cut all sorts of smaller proects when together. It has been cleaned up, but needs to be reassembled & set up. Talk to me for some insight / were to start. (ours is significantly upgraded with better spindle, etc).

Enclosure for shapeoko – If we’re going to cut PCB, engrave metal, etc, we need an enclosure around shapeoko to contain harmful dust. Wood and acrylic with an outlet to a shopvac would work.

Plumbing compressed air - We need to put a couple unions, elbows and black pipes to provide air to Elelctronics Bench (metcal desolder gun & paste dispenser), blast cabinet, and add another air drop in wood shop. Greg or myself can direct. My neck injury prevents me from doing this labor, though…

Gigabot heated bed – I’ll probably do this Friday. We need to add thermistors to the bed. We’ll drill and tap some small holes in the side of the bed and pinch the thermistors in there so they are in contact with the aluminum (like an e3D hotend).

Speak up if you’re interested in taking something on.


I would be interested in helping to get the Shapeoko online.

I could cut Shapeoko box pieces, given dimensions and materials.



John – I’ll measure the base we already cut for it from high density fiberboard. I can give you dimensions then.

Brad – All parts are over on the sawhorse by the metal room. We should organize those parts and make sure nothing’s missing - they’ve been sitting there a bit…


I could possibly plumb the compressed air, although I wouldn’t get to that until some time in July at the earliest.



Shapeoko is about 24"x24" and needs about 22" clearance on top. To give some room on either side, how about an enclosure:

24" deep x 32" long x 22" tall.



can do.

What material? MDF, (I note you mentioned “high” density fiberboard above.)
How many sides with acrylic windows? (1? 2? 3? - do we want the top clear for lighting, too?)
hole for the electrical cord (or an extension cord plug inside the box? (or a receptacle?) (this could be drilled and installed later, too)
holes for dust collection (inflow with a filter (this shouldn’t need changing as it’s filtering the incoming air) and DC hookup (outflow)? (again, could be done later)



I’ve started to look into the shapeoko 2 rebuild.
Looks like the mechanicals are here but I can’t find any of the electronics. Is there a separate box?


At one point doc willy took it all home, he would probably be the one to ask.

There should be some project boxes over there, inside one of those?
The plan was to put the electronics inside those boxes and wire them neatly.

I’ve been tied up with this summer STEM program, so I haven’t had time to come down and check it all out. When I do, I’ll take stock…


Just talked to Doc.

He is back in town, and will be working on the shapeoko project, although extra help is still needed.

The electronics were all nicely cleaned up by Doc and he’ll be bringing them in (they were a mess previously, and this is a major improvement).

John, I’ll make a couple drawings for an enclosure this weekend.

Thanks all,