Help needed Wednesday daytime / I'm buying a wave soldering machine

I’m buying a wave soldering machine. It’s a relatively simplistic solder pot with dual pumps. It has leaded solder in it. It has an improvised fluxer on it. The unit weighs between 100 and 150lbs.
I’m picking it up in Blue Ash on Wednesday morning, around 10ish. The guy I’m buying it from said he’d give me some training on how to use it and wanted to talk to me about doing some circuit layout work for him.

I anticipate leaving Blue Ash for the hive between 10:30 and 11. I need help carrying it into the hive. Can anyone be available to help me unload around lunchtime / mid-morning?

For the time being, I’m going to retain ownership of this piece of equipment but it will live at the hive as long as it is welcome.

-Dave B.

Wish I could be available, but I am not!

Quick question… Why did you choose a wave soldering machine over reflow? I feel like reflow would be way easier for anything you might want to do.


Because it was cheap and it will be useful for a lot of the through-hole stuff I do. Price is right, it’s local, dude selling it is cool as hell.
I’m going to need to get the reflow toaster up and running in the next week or two in order to do the CAN-in-the-Middle boards.

I could be at the HIVE earlier today (by mid-afternoon or so) if that
would help you. Let me know...


I can be there Wednesday 11:30 to give you a hand with it.

Awesome. Want me to shoot you a txt or email when i m leaving blue ash?