Help needed to receive the PTDR coming back to the Hive on this Tuesday, May 31

Fellow Hivers,

The truck freight return of the PTDR crate from San Mateo is expected to be delivered this Tuesday, May 31. I'll be driving back in Detroit starting early Tuesday morning, so i need some help to get it moved back in.

It is addressed to go to my attention at our neighbor/landlord, Garden Street. I will not know an ETA window until Tuesday. I'll notify Garden Street and expect they will fork truck it off of the tractor trailer in their space and then set it on our back dock. It would be great if at least one person could be at the Hive when it arrives to see if there is any obvious visible outside damage to the crate, sign for it, and observe Garden Street getting it to our dock. We'll need the four corner caster dollies (currently under the lathe skid) to roll it through Esteman's during their business hours and I would expect it to go back into the hallway. We may need to move out the othe crating to make room. It is OK just to move it in. We can open and unpack it when I return.

If you can help, reply on this thread, or to me directly to discuss details.


I can definitely handle at least getting it on to the dock. Ryan and I will likely take some time this evening to get rid (some) of the large crate Dustin brought to the space so there should be a bit more room for this crate.

One thing - do you have any more of the moving dollies? If not I can go buy some since they aren’t crazy expensive, but I don’t foresee getting the lathe off of its dollies until after Tuesday.