Help! Need materials for very important project

I have to construct a sturdy handicapped ramp asap and was wondering if the hive had any extras of the long upright pieces left from the industrial shelving that we won't be needing. Taller, the better by the time I fab and weld brackets to them. I figured I would ask before hitting up garden street to see what scrap beams they have. Givent how I have to install this would be a stronger and faster option for me. It's not a job I'm getting paid to do so I figured I would ask the hive if they had any odd ones to see before going scrapping lol. Or if anyone has any leads on somewhere a building is being demo'd and I might find some I beams :slight_smile: . I got to push through and tough this project out quick so any help will be appreciated.

the green uprights? or the orange connecting pieces? there are 3 or 4 odd sized orange brackets that dont have a match under the member storage area to the left when you first walk in

The green uprights or if we have any odd match really long ones they would work as well. I was even going to check with Jordan Street behind us to see if anyone brought in any small i-beams to be scrapped as they would work perfect and I can just weld though header plate to bolt onto the structure right to them. I am a huge fan of repurposing metal whenever possible rather than buying new bar stock every time. Especially when it doesn’t have to meet any crazy safety requirements like supporting 10,000 pounds 500 feet in the air LOL

Odd long horozontial *