Help Medical Professionals

Hey all, I’ve been making ear-savers for medical pros, and demand has exceeded capacity. Anyone willing to donate printer time to the cause? Link to .thing files below. You can drop them on my porch and we’ll mail them out. Need 60 right now, and getting requests for about 30 a day. I can’t make that many on my own.

Drop them in the storage bin at:
4141 Jora Ln


Update, my wife can pick them up if you send your address.

Wouldn’t it be faster to laser cut that profile from something like polypropylene sheet? we have a stock of PP under the vacuum former at the hive.

I imagine that would work, as long as it didn’t make any sharp edges.

My experience laser cutting the styrene was less than wonderful. Too melty. However, there is a 4’ x 4’ sheet of PETG curled up on rack C. It’s free to a good cause.

Look like it could be done via CNC as well.

Any ideas on what would work? PETG is listed in this topic. Anything else one could get from Queen City Polymers?

Thanks for the notice.


I’ve been able to print 5 at a time in 1.5 hours. So a few printers running full time can crank out a fair number.