HELP ME HIVE13, you're my only hope. (Assembly assistance needed ASAP)

Hi all! I am in a time crunch and need some assembly assitance with the main control board for the Esy Smage (art car I’m working on for burning man this year, which I depart for next thursday.)

Need to assemble 30 of these,

I am more than capable with soldering but as some of you know my hands jitter, all help is appreciated and I am happy to pay you in beer or good old USD for your time. That and the satisfaction of knowing your work went to burning man and was part of something freakin awesome.


Here’s Esy, about a week ago.–TwXVZZKu-M/UffvSFUHQ8I/AAAAAAAAAH4/rv4PiK8XjIo/w506-h379/photo.jpg

The teams in LA and Houston have been working their butts off. The lighting team is just me (by way of the FastSPI LED2 google group) and a dude in LA by the name of Jason Decker.

And what it will look like, more or less, complete with one of my propane cannons in the mouth:

The 30 MOSFET drivers are for 6 channels of high power RGB control for over 150 ft of non-addressable 12V RGB LED Tape.

This is driven by a pair of regular old arduinos each outfitted with the spark fun 15 channel PWM shield:

Using a serial-ring protocol (cascade TX to RX) and a bluetooth TTL serial interfce for input. User side is BlueScripts (and or BluePanel) for android. Yep, this pirate ship has a touch screen interface (although it’s crappy…)

Any and all advice is appreciated due to the short time table. And of course this is a deadline thing, I have to be ready to rock and drop into the ship (or as close as possible) by 1800 on thursday. Exciting, and you can see why this project and I need your help.

TLDR: Need help putting together 30 Sparkfun Mosfet Breakout boards, also
this project is awesome, and would love your help. For more detail, see above.

Best Regards,

Check your email for my digits. I’ll be down there tomorrow AM to early PM for a while and I can help you with soldering.

If you and Dave haven’t knocked them out by this afternoon, let me know and I can drop by.

The parts arrive from sparkfun today, but I am scheduled to be working Rootwire festival so I don’t think I have any time to attack them until monday of next week :-/ I can still bring the parts by and I might be down sunday in the evening, worst case monday.

I’m off to Gencon tomorrow, but but I’ll be happy to help next week. I thought you were hoping to be done by tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Nope, deadline is basically 1800 next thursday.

Yeah, sort of sounded like that,

I will have time next week to help solder. Maybe the wave solder machine cold be used for this.

This work is already complete. Starbuck rolled in last night with all the parts, so Ian and I soldered them up in mini assembly line fashion.

Thanks to all who offered to help.

you already knew this, but you guys ROCK!