Help :) In need of windows 7 in 32bit

Hello all,

I really wish I could have made it to the meeting but this respiratory infection I have and the gallbladder issues have not been going well at all. I don't want this crazy case Mega bronchitis 2 be passed to anyone else or I would feel horrible. On to the main issue at hand.....

I am in the process of getting a desktop hooked up to a 4 axis axis cnc hobby mill that I acquired by going in with a very close lifelong friend that lives by me who happens to have a steel pole barn and the space needed to start looking at so I'm extra equipment that may not be able to fit out the hive however I once I get everything finished with the software side of things, whatever I can do to help with any parts that people might need made I love to help fellow hivers or the hive with needed parts for projects, replacement parts, and personal items people might need.

As you all know I am not a software Guru by any means and the problem we have at hand right now is that the extra desktop we have to drive the system is Windows 7 64 bit and the IDE connection and drivers are needing 32 bit Windows 7 or equivalent. I have never played with Linux nor do I know if that would be a viable option but I am extremely unfamiliar with it so I'm looking for Windows to be able to get it driving faster. We got the Mark 3 purchased last night and am working on getting some of the other software sorted out but the main hang up right now seems to be the compatibility issue.

If anyone happens to have a copy of 32bit win 7 where is you know of a better option / idea I would extremely appreciate the help. I do not ever recall being able to downgrade to 32-bit however I could be wrong LOL. If anyone happens to havea spare Desktop or can help me out with the software slash Windows "key" issue. Is anyone has a solution for me I am trying to get this work done while only able to just lay around and wait this crud out. Katie or my dad would be able to meet or pick up anything from the hive. As always I extremely appreciate everyone's help that always steps up and hello where are you where I have a huge weakness.

We also picked up a vinyl cutter / plotter and are looking at ordering a setup rolls and the somewhat normal colors LOL. I figured if I am able to acquire your stuff for her cheap by getting multiple rolls at a time, I wouldn't be able to have materials for people wanting to use the vinyl cutter at the hive and be able to give back in the ways that I can :slight_smile:

As always, thank you very much. Attached are photos of the machine just if neededIt is a tiag 2019crer 4 axis made in america, with a gecko 540 parallel connection board. ANY INPUT is appreciated or if someone has a differnt board for sale if that is a better route? Given all of the software man supposed to get this up and going as I thought it would be great for pieces I need to make as well as others if sent the files.

Thank you!

Pics for refrence.





Windows xp in 32bit will work after talking with tiff and her helping me out. If anyone is able to help and extra pc or better yet install disks it would help a ton. Thank you

I have a shell with most of the license sticker, Its’ got everything under the “professional” down to the bottom. I think you can maybe get a fresh download if you have a valid key. If that is so, maybe a guru who knows the download stuff and check if the code is valid.

I did bring a shell with windows 7 on an older computer for the cnc or spare cnc I forget. Might still be unused, dunno.

Do you happen to have a description of the computer, or does anyone know about this computer or where it’s at at the hive. If a replacement is needed for it I do have a stuff for replacement if need be. Thank you for the reply.

I have a copy that I can get to you.

That would be awesome sir when would you be able to do it. And how much do you need for it.