Help getting into Hive

I must confess - I visited the Hive and made a grave error of personally significant consequences. I am very sorry to bother you. Christmas is on hold until I resolve this. As such…

I need to get into the Hive without a) my passcard or b) my phone.

Please let me know:

  1. If you are going to the Hive tonight - perhaps after 6:00
  2. You have a passcode to get through the “inner” door without a passcard (contact me ofline).

Thanks - I appreciate any assistance…


I should be down around 7:30 and when I talked to ryan yesterday he said he was coming down as well. I might be a little late but dont know if that helps. lol I dont have my phone on me either… its one of those days!

I should be down there by six, barring traffic problems.

  • Ry

I made it in! Thanks for all your support… Christmas can resume because I can charge things now…