Help getting acquainted with the MIG

Hi All,

It was nice to meet everybody who was there on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to coming back soon.

Would anyone who is comfortable with the MIG welder be willing to spend some time with me to go through the protocol for using it? Specifically, I’ve taken a welding class but it was 10+ years ago and we only did arc welding, so I have some experience but I would like to have someone hold my hand a little rather than dive back in on a completely different type of welder. I’m hoping to go over basic safety to make sure I’m not forgetting anything, then go through how actually set up and use the MIG welder (and any Hive-specific protocol) and maybe lay down a few test beads on some scrap metal just to be sure.

I’m not sure how long that would take but I’m guessing maybe 30 minutes or so? Also if more training than that is necessary to use it then I will definitely seek that out.

Other than a few days when I’ll be out of town (including tomorrow and Friday) I can work around anyone’s schedule who’s willing to help me out, and if there is any way I can return the favor I would be happy to.

Thanks in advance!

Mike Nute