My name is Alex; I run the Columbus Idea Foundry, a hackerspace in
Columbus. Soapbox Media is doing an interview with us today, and through
them I saw their video on your space - Hive13 is really freaking cool!
Congrats on such a productive community. (Incidentally, I met Chris Davis
last year at the Ohio Linux Fest - could you please forward me his contact

I'd like to let you know about a few resources we have at our own
hackerspace, and I'd be happy to invite any of you up to visit our shop,
collaborate, share knowledge, tips, ideas, resources, etc.

We have resources for woodworking, welding, large metal casting, small
metal casting, CNC machining (including 3D digitizing with a mechanical
probe), blacksmithing, jewelry smithing, screenprinting, electronics, and
more. We also have monthly MakerBot/Mendel meetings (organized by Ethan
Dicks), although unlike you we don't own a 3D printer yet. We offer
classes on our various stations about once a month.

So - if any of your members are interested in using any of our resources,
please let us know. If you or they would like to be informed about
upcoming classes and events, please feel free to ask them to join our
newsletter (link on the front page of our site). I'll be forwarding a
link to Hive13.org through our own community, informing them of the
work/projects/fun you guys are creating in Cincy!

Thanks, regards, and congrats on bootstrapping a great place!