Hello, my name is Craig and I too am a hack-o-holic

Hey everybody!

Sorry I'm a late joiner to the discussion :slight_smile: I am looking a place to
hang out, drink and hack things. Basically what I normally do but I
need a place for when I feel like being more social about my anti-
social tendencies :wink:

With that in mind, I would be willing to contribute $100/mo rent. I
also have lots of PC equipment I can donate. This includes networking
gear and supplies/parts.

So also for a list of must haves...

futon, probably several :slight_smile: My hours are...uh, non-standard. So I
would like to be able to gain access whenever, hack around, and just
crash. Oh, and at least a mini-fridge...I'm too lazy to get ice for
the coolers.

For a place, I would think $700/mo would be good to start with. It
would be nice to get something between the HHH warehouse in Brooklyn
and the house in Fight Club :stuck_out_tongue: As far as utilities go... are we just
going to alternate by month who pays what?

Are the meetings also held on Silc? If so, what channel/time?

Do we have a lawyer lined up for this yet?


Welcome! I'm only recently involved in this, but so is everyone else I
guess as we've only had one meeting so far. I believe we have the
legal matters under control but the hive-mind welcomes another
node :D. I think the meetings are IRL (i.e. In meatspace) and our next
on is this saturday May 9th but I'm not sure if all of the details
have been released.

I know I'm going to be hounded for this now, but I do in fact have a
mini fridge in really good condition that I haven't really used
recently. I used it for liquor and soft-drinks (it has a freezer
section too, so ice = not a prob). So once this all goes up I'd be
happy to donate it when we literally start moving in.

Yeah, I'd say 450-700 would be a good range, the cheaper the better
really (not sacrificing TOO much hopefully). That way we can amass a
savings for financial security and for purchasing things for the

I don't think we've agreed on a monthly fee, but I would say it
wouldn't be more than 100. We were kind of throwing anything from
50/75/100 out there, maybe possibly getting more privileges or space
or something based on donations.


welcome gentlemen.

so far we have had one IRL meeting, and i believe we have another lined up soon. i want to say the 9th, but don’t hold me to that, that might be something else.

the hackerspaces preso seems to have generated quite a bit of new interest. i think, at least early on, we will be financed primarily by membership dues, and the lessons learned by other spaces are that you shouldn’t take on space/utilities/other expenses that cannot be covered by those dues.

with that said, i think some fund raising activities can only help, so any suggestions would be most welcome.

i too have some computers and an old xeon server to contribute (if it’s still working after two years in my basement) and i would love to set up a networking/server lab to study for certification exams.

another thing i would like to set up is a free/anonymous conf/voicemail service to revive some of the old phreak/conf scene.

plus i would like to learn more about electronics, like how to solder.