Hello, DIY CNC Project

Hello Hive13-ers!

I'm writing to spread the word about a collaborative project that you
may be interested in: an open-source design for a CNC mill, called the

The plans, parts lists, and assembly instructions for the DIYLILCNC
are available for free, under a Creative Commons license on our site,
http://diylilcnc.org. The current design has been online for a little
over a year, and building one is a great way to learn about digital

We’re getting ready to release a second, improved generation of the
design and assembly instructions for the DIYLILCNC. We’re doing some
fundraising right now via kickstarter to offset our R&D costs.

We’ve got some pretty fun rewards for contributors... donors can have
a part of the new machine named after them, or use their contributions
to vote for specific design changes they’d like to see in version 2.

Check it out here: