Hdtv move

I saw the list of todo items was posted at the hive. I started to move some things out of 1B but didn’t have much time to really work on anything. I suggest we print the map that has the locations on it (1A 1B etc)

Also I saw that all tvs are listed to be removed from the hive. I really think we should leave the hdtv with xbmc installed. It can be moved out of 1B but I know myself and 2600 have used it before. It’s good for parties and games.

Do we think we can fit it into the new plan or is it just too big?


What TODO list are you refering too? I only missed one meeting and I see in that meetings minute notes to refer to a “list of tasks up on hive13 docs” However I do not see any list of tasks inside http://docs.hive13.org.

This doc was created at one of the "Jedi Council" meetings. It is
shared such that anyone with a hive13.org account should be able to
find, view, and edit it:



The TV was to be replaced with a mounted projector, still connected to
the xbmc etc. Cjdavis had a "medium" projector he mentioned that
would be fit for the task.

Then to ensure that we do not have a lapse where we do not have a TV of some sort set up, shouldn’t we have a prerequirement to removing the TV in the office that is mounting the projector and setting it up with the XBMC connected to it along with jacks to hook up other systems so that cables are not dangling from the ceiling?

Yes Paul, that's exactly right.

K, I was only asking because it is not currently a pre-requirement or even an item on the list.

Er, not a pre-requirement, it is on the list.

This bug has been fixed. Task #14 (Remove TV's) now pre-requires task
#13 (mount projector).

Also, the paper copy that is at the Hive should now be considered
deprecated in preference to the canonical online copy.