Has the dumpster out back been emptied?

Would someone at the Hive this weekend check and report on this thread if/when the dumpster out back has been emptied?

I loaded some scrap 2x4 wood in the truck on Tuesday and brought it out, only to find the dumpster was already overflowing without space for my additions.

I'd like to confirm there is available space before reloading and returning to try again.

On a related topic, if anyone might have a use for a random pile of nice 2x4 and 2x6 scraps in multiples of 2 to 6 foot lengths, LMK and I can leave them for you on the dock rather than toss them in the dumpster. Reusing is so much nicer than tossing.


what about the scrap/freebie wood on the cart in the woodshop area?

I’d gladly take some 2x4 and 2x6s, preferably the longer boards.

There is already a decent stock of 2x4 lumber in the free to use corner of the woodshop, please make sure anything that gets brought in for use gets either stored in personal storage or is used up in a timely manner so we don't have a mess of construction lumber in the shop.


Kevin M. (Woodshop Warden)

Oh yeah I forgot about that. Thanks

Dave: Thanks for the empty dumpster status update. I've cut-down and pitched in a first load of scraps just now.

WillS (and/or?): I've left a few of the longer sticks on the loading dock beside the dumpster, free for the taking.
Qty = 3 of 2x4 at 12 ft long
Qty = 2 of 2x4 at 4-1/2 ft long
Qty = 6 of 2x4 at 3 ft long
If they are still there in a week, I'll cut the long ones down and pitch them all in the dumpster to keep things neat out there.
I'll bring a second load of short 2x4 and 2x6 pieces before the meeting tomorrow night.



Ok thanks, I’ll take what I can use, and then see about finding a home for the rest in the Hive or elsewhere