Hardware Donation

This is Robin from PJRC. We make the Teensy board, an Arduino compatible dev board. I’d love to send you a small donation of several boards, absolutely free, if you think you could use them.

These boards are Teensy 3.0, which has a 32 bit ARM microcontroller. Teensy 3.0 includes lots of built-in features and more memory than most Arduino boards, all in a small size that’s easy to use on breadboards or to embed inside projects. These particular boards are ones with slight cosmetic flaws, but they’re 100% functional. Rather throw them out, I’d love to see them put to good use in creative projects!

This is a real offer. I promise that it isn’t spam and there are no strings attached. We just want to help people make cool stuff with electronics!

Please let me know if you’re interested, and what is the best address to mail a small package to your group.

Hi Robin;

We’d love to have the Teensy’s at the space – they’ll fit in well as learning boards during our newly-created MicroController Monday classes that we have been offering at our space.

The address for our space is:

2929 Spring Grove Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45225

Unfortunately, there’s not someone who is consistently at our space during normal working hours to sign for packages, however, if you let me know when to expect them, I will make arrangements for someone to be at the space so that we can be there when the Teensy’s show. Also, if you need a receipt for tax or other purposes, please let me know and I will make sure that you receive one.


Ian Wilson
President, Hive13

Holy crap! Awesome! I love teensies (and blowing them up!)

Super cool!

I’m sending your Teensy 3.0 donation today via USPS First Class mail, so no signature should be required. Normally postal mail takes 2 to 4 days, so you should have them soon. The package is a yellow padded Kraft-paper envelope about 10 by 6 inches.

We always love to hear what people build with Teensy. I hope you’ll let me know what you build. We have a Teensy Projects page where photos and links to projects are posted, where I’d love to share projects you build.

I’d also like to make a special offer. If your hackerspace uses all of these Teensy boards in projects published on your website (with at least 1 photo and some info about each project), we’ll send another batch, absolutely free. Please email me when you publish any of these projects, and be sure to put the order number 142425 in your message.

I hope you have fun with these Teensy boards and I’ll look forward to seeing what you might make!

I could use one for either my metronome or guitar tuner, if there is one available.

Be aware that the T3s are ARM core, with an arduino wrapper. they’re also 3.3V native devices.

In that case I'll go with something else. thanks for the info.

Thanks Robin! Got ours out of the mailbox yesterday.