Happy New Year - any interest in a 'Machining Practices 101' program possibility?

Fellow Hivers,

Let me be among the first to wish one-and-all a Happy New Year!

Last year was a great start-up for our "3rd-space", as CTO Chris
called it the other night. That's not to mean the Hive had two
addresses prior to Spring Grove avenue; but rather that "1st-spaces"
are our homes, "2nd-spaces" are where we work, and so "3rd-spaces" are
the other places like churches, pubs, and the Hive Hackerspace where
we chase dreams, pursue hobbies, and have fun.

I enjoyed being able to go in at odd times over the holiday season and
spend some quality time with the soldering irons on one of my little
electronic projects and reflect on the expanding potential of our
shared studio workshop space.

2010 promises to be an exciting next new year. Our president Jason is
planning to move his annual massive (40-50 people) LAN party weekend
party to the Hive space in April. That should be a perfect match of
event and venue to look forward to. We should push to finish the
flashing LED glass block wall project. The first three of seven
columns look great out on the street at night. So many projects and
so little time...

I don't know if James is planning to continue his informal Electronics
101 series at the next (Jan 5) Tuesday night meeting, but I'd look
forward to another of that if he's up for continuing to lead another
session in that series.

I can offer to start/lead another topic series on Machining Practices
101 if there is interest to schedule that. I have a small shoe-box
size Sherline lathe and kit http://www.sherline.com/ that is
portable. I can offer to bring it in for show-and-tell to introduce
and do simple OD (outside diameter), ID (inside diameter) turning,
facing, drilling, and boring operations on that lathe. For example, I
used it to make the shaft coupling for the motor/leadscrew on the DIY-
CNC Z-stage.

Note to all the s/w-types, 'boring' is a legitimate machining term
even if it can also be a comment on the instructor's lack of
presentation skills!

Sorry for being long-winded. See y'all Tuesday night,


Happy new year everybody! The space is coming along great!

Hehe. Accidently hit send on my phone :slight_smile: I really should wait untill I get on a computer to send mail… oh well :P.

I would be very interested in a machining class. My brain doesn’t currently work that way and I need to train it on how to solve DIY problems in the physical realm.

I’ll be back in cincy for the Tues meeting and I am really looking forward to it. I plan on getting an ok from my boss but then I will start teaching some classes on how to reverse engineer software.

I have high hopes for 2010!!


I would also be very interested in a machining practices course.

Happy New Year everyone! I too am excited about joining the club and participating in many of the projects, as well as starting a few of my own. I will be officially joining the club and paying my membership at the next meeting. I will bring in my power tools in over the next week once I have access to the space. (might need some help carrying in the table saw and radial arm saw)

Jim - mark me down as someone that would love to take a few lessons on the metal lathe.

See everyone on Tuesday.


Happy New Year indeed! Ed you’re bringing a radial arm saw? I don’t know about yours, but my dad’s is scary dangerous. Fun!

Jim, put me on the list for machining lessons, that would be very useful for sure.

Yes, radial arm saws are one of the most dangerous shop tools. I hear they are popular in the UK. The blade is fully exposed and slides on the arm, which can lead to serious injury if you aren’t EXTREMELY focused while using it. You have to respect the tools…

This one was a hand-me-down from my Dad, something he purchased back in the 80s.

I also have a Jet contractors table saw with an Incra fence & built in router table.

There are other smaller tools I’ll probably bring in as well - we can discuss at the next meeting.


I would also like to start planning out where we are going to work on building workbenches, setting up tools, etc.

I believe Jim had been working on creating a CAD drawing of the space. I would like to use those so we can start to visualize where to best put larger tools.

Other things that need to be on the agenda are:

  • Liability Waivers who has not signed one?

  • Membership forms who has not filled it out?

  • Tool sign off and training. While I am relatively familiar with a table saw, I do not think I would trust myself with the radial arm saw until I have had some basic training. We probably should get some clip-boards and design (or find) “These people are signed off to use this machine” document. We also need to discuss what tools would need this clip board (table saw & radial arm saw sure), and who is in charge of signing people off? (officers? maybe designate people (or person) as “in charge” of the tool?)

  • It is january, any further word on the 501C3 paperwork electronic filing?