Hand tool list

I took a cut at creating a hand tool list on a Google Doc.


I broke it up into “need to have” and “nice to have”. Basically the “Need to have” came to about $500 and the “Nice to have” also came up to around $500.

Even the “need to have” could be spit up into the first two rows (tap and die set, drill bit set)
and then the rest of the hand tools. I’m not sure if some of this stuff is hiding away so just use it as a guide. I couldn’t find this stuff when I was futzing around. Most of our screwdrivers are not really screwdrivers anymore, just pointy shaped things. . . .

The “nice to have” area is more of a wish list but I think useful stuff.

If someone feels like the standard HSS drill set for $50 is better for the Hive general use then I’m OK with that but I could organize (and sharpen) the vast mix of crap drill bits we have into some kind of first use area and then have a “fancy” set for when someone wants to actually drill a semi-round hole :slight_smile: (fancy being cobalt bits that won’t dull after 2 uses)

In the “nice to have” area I put some real drill bits. If we want to get into metal machining though we will need to think about it.

Let’s talk about it and I’ll propose a vote for the separate amount after the dust settles.


Awesome. Thanks for this Brad! You’re a mensch.

Way to get going on that stuff and I’m all for helping ya sharpen whatever bits we can salvage. I know most of the harbor freight ones are toast however I hope with how much work is being put into this and the possibility of nice things could bring some more information to people about drill rpm/speed and do’s and do not’s lol. I am guilty myself for getting bit types and speeds wrong and hearing the shrieking of death start coming from the bit.

Yes I’m going to start some more “basics” training.
How to drill a hole
How to tap a hole
How to use the metal bandsaw.
Etc. . . .

I may start another discussion to get examples of what we think would be good classes. I realize a lot of people have never been exposed to basic metal working and an intro class where you actually make/do something would be cool.


Looks like a pretty reasonable list!

One thing I’ll try and dig up tomorrow is vice grips. We actually have probably 10 vice grips of different sizes, but a lot of them are either pushed back on the tool shelf, or in random places at the hive.

I’ll let you know if I find most of them.


I found the pile of Vise Grips on the shelf. I removed them from the Google Docs.
Someone asked about some more diagonal cutters. The set I have on the list has one but I may add one more.
I’ll think about the list some more this weekend and maybe add some more items. Feel free to edit the list.
I moved it to a Hive folder. Let me know if the link doesn’t work anymore.



I like where this is heading! I would suggest maybe adding to this list a labeling system for our tools. Someone suggested color coding shelves and tools so that you will generally know where to look for a tool, and have a general idea where to put a tool back. So maybe we can get a set of neon stickers/paints/zip ties?

That's my two cents anyhow.

I would like to propose a member vote on the “need to have” hand tool list.
I think $500 would cover it. The main items would be the standard/metric tap & die set and a cobalt drill bit set.
I did notice that Harbor Freight had a 20% coupon last week, I would definitely use that for the drill bit set.

Unfortunately I will be out of town for the meeting on April 19th so please put me down for a “yes” if the vote occurs on that day.
If people would like to discuss or add to the sheet feel free but please don’t push it over the $500.
Someone mentioned in the previous meeting that the Hive is very open to donations of any hand tools that are in decent condition. I’ll be happy to work with anyone if they want to donate anything.

I’ll leave the “nice to have” part for later discussion and possible member purchases. (I might buy the machinist square set).


Jon and I probably won’t be there tonight, so put us both down for “yes” votes.




I vote “yes” for the basic/need to have tool list. (and the classes).


yes vote


So did the vote happen last Tuesday?
If so, did it go through?
If so, what is next?

Yeah, I remember it passing overwhelmingly. Not sure about the what next part.

The minutes at
should probably be updated to reflect the results of the vote.

I went ahead and got the Cobalt drill bit set from Harbor Freight and brought it in to the meeting tonight.
I placed the box under the mill with a label “Cobalt Drill Bits (fragile)” on it.
My thoughts are to clean up the existing set we have and organize/sharpen them for first use.
Have the Cobalt set for “real” holes that need to be correct. :slight_smile:

I ordered the remaining stuff from Amazon on my Prime account. Should be in around Saturday.

I’ll get with Jim to get reimbursed once everything arrives.

The meeting tonight was fun. The people from the class and some of the original members were neat to talk with.

Good times.