Han Solo Day celebration

Hello everyone! My name is Giacomo, long time listener, first time caller. I run a little brewery up in East Walnut Hills, and every year on May 4th we celebrate our flagship beer (Han) Solo. This year we are releasing the Imperial counterpart called Kylo.

Long story short, we are looking for anyone that might have some droids that would love to make an appearance? My own droid is still in pieces as I am stuck on some other projects but wasn’t sure if there was a local build group. Any info would be aces!

Hello Giacomo!

@cjdavis, are you still in touch with Chris Reiff and the local R2-D2 maker group?

Chris is at his dream job doing Star Wars designs for Hasbro in RI. I tried to be sad he moved but it’s way too cool for him!

He had a major part of the Razor Crest kickstarter as a nice example of his work: Star Wars The Vintage Collection Razor Crest – Hasbro Pulse