HAM Radio night at HIVE13 - follow-up

A big THANK YOU goes out to Robert Gulley, Gary Coffey, and Jerry Shipp for their presentation at the HIVE13 HAM Radio night this past Tuesday. We had a great turnout and much member interest for the opportunities in this particular branch of the hacking/maker universe.

Here are some follow-ups:

(1) Their local amateur radio society organization website is at www.OHKYIN.org

(2) The world’s biggest HAM enthusiast event is Hamvention.org and it just so happens that it will be held this weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun) in Dayton. Attend the festivities, flea market, and fast-tack licensing opportunities at this festival.

(3) Copies of the ARRL Technician Level Licensing Manual (with CD) are available on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Ham-Radio-License-Manual-Arrl/dp/0872590976

(4) These OH-KY-IN guys are willing to come back and do a one-day (Saturday 9:00 - 4:00 type) license class and test at HIVE13 at some point, perhaps later this summer. Those interested in participating should reply to this email to start a thread to schedule a time. There is a $15.00 charge to the US government (not to OH-KY-IN) for processing each official license application.


There are many locations for license testing. You can search the upcoming locations and times at this website.

I’m very interested in class at the Hive. I was at the Hamvention yesterday, and was packed with people. I didn’t get s chance to sit in on any of the classed or discussions, but there was a lot to see. I’m thinking about going back up on Sunday. There was one booth with arduino that I saw and one with Raspberry Pi, along with all the radio equipment.

I'm interested.

Me too.

I would be interested in a licensing class at Hive13.