Half-built filastruder in fab-lab

There is a half built filastruder in the fab lab on the shelf. I hadn’t inspected it, but it has the auger and most parts in place. Anyone know the history?


it’s been there for a long time, I think it was there when I joined… If no one speaks up, I think you could consider it abandoned and then get it working.

are you going to experiment with recycling material?

That is Franklin’s I believe. (If memory servers me…he bought it on the Kickstarter.)


I haven’t seen Franklin in a while, but I could finish it up for hive / fun. I didn’t look for the electronics parts, or the chassis parts, but they’re not so complicated. Filastruder also sells their parts rather reasonably if anything is needed.

Even if it’s not a big hit, seems like a waste for it to be half-assembled. We’ve now got a good laser for the case, 3 good printers for the printed parts, etc…