[hackerspaces] US Midwest workshop tour

I'd like to reach out to Mitch and have him visit Hive13... any objections?

i met mitch at notacon this year. he's really cool. i say go for it.

I agree! We should make e-mail contact and then meet Mitch at the
Detroit Maker Faire. I'd like us to invite him to Cincinnati and try
to schedule him as a guest speaker at an August Tuesday night HIVE
meeting and then for a Wednesday night microcontroller class the next
day. I'll offer, or can defer to Jason or another to make the


I emailed him yesterday but have not yet had a response.

That could be cool - especially if he could swing by before HOPE. Speaking of which - a few of us are heading to the Next HOPE: int0x80, macabre, and I. Is there anyone else that might be or is going?

Cheers –



Any reply from Mitch yet? Let me know,either way, and I'll send him
an e-mail too as HIVE 13 program committee chairman to see about his
swinging by Cincinnati after the Detroit Maker Faire.

Any new word on 501(c)(3)? just checking...

BTW, I am out-of-town again on business and will miss tonight's HIVE


what is this next HOPE event? Do you have a link and/or more info to


google: next hope

No reply from Mitch yet. I'd say go ahead and reach out to him again.

No word from the Feds except the letter indicating they had received
our application and that they would be in contact.