[hackerspaces] Notacon - April 14-17

Notacon is coming up even sooner than Maker Faire (next month!). Is anyone planning on going? If I’m not mistaken, our own Chris Anderson is giving a talk there this year. I’m not sure if I will be able to make it or not, but would like to go if I can.


my talk will be friday, 4/15 at noon. also, int80 is rapping that night.

there's a hackerspace pavillion where people get together to do
different electronics stuff in a big group, and there is lots of crazy
art and music stuff happening there in addition to infosec stuff.

last year was a lot of fun, we had a group of about 10 people come
from cincinnati and we carpooled and shared rooms. xaphan, samiam,
and i owned the trivia competition, then samiam went on to pwn the
locksport competition while drunk.

Hmm, is this the same weekend as the SumoBot competition?

Aw, dang. You are correct. The SumoBot competition is April 16th.

Was afraid of that… :frowning:

Poor scheduling... We should think of this next year.

Maybe we should add cons/events that we are interested to to our Hive13 calendar as well. Would be informative and help with scheduling in the future.