[hackerspaces] MyHackerspace status Android app

Since Hive13 implements the spaceapi, we appear in this Android app, which is pretty cool.

We could add more items to our API implementation. Contact me if you’re interested in hacking the Hive13 spaceapi output.


I’ll help with flushing out all the support for the SpaceAPI. What is left to be done?

There are a few more fields we could put in, but I haven’t yet. Lat, lon, contact.phone, lastchange, sensors.temp, feeds, events…

Documentation here: https://hackerspaces.nl/spaceapi/

Validator here: http://openspace.slopjong.de/

On our web server, I just wrote a api.php script out under the isOpen directory. ( http://www.hive13.org/isOpen/api.php ). Feel free to modify it.


I am not sure how the spaceapi is getting generated, but if you are aggregating RSS feeds, the space temperature can be found here: http://www.hive13.org/isOpen/RSS.php?temp=0

If you are grabbing info from the database directly, the temperature data is in there as well.

I added the blog feed as well as the temp history feed.

I also added the web cam “stream”

I added temp as a sensor to get the Temp from the DB as well.

Plus added a few other pieces of data. Still need to add the calendar RSS but I think we have most of what is in the spec including the last time since the door status changed. Note: Not everything from the version 0.12 API works in the Android app but has been validated.