[hackerspaces] A Survey for Hackerspace members about their involvement

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Writings, articles, discussions, conference presentations, guidelines
about hackerspaces has been done by several authors and hackerspace
members. Also the amount of Hackerspaces around the world is rising
(probably). In brief, hackerspace as movement is alive and kicking.
What seems to be missing is more detailed information about different
hackerspaces and their members.

I have created (with help of two others) a small survey for
Hackerspace members about their involvement. This survey aims to fill
the information gap. This survey does not have academic origins.
Instead it was born out of pure personal curiosity. The results of
this survey will provide more detailed information about hackerspaces,
which might be interesting for us (hackers) and to the rest of the
world. It might give some hints about the status and orientation of

The results will be published in author's blog: http://extreme.ajatukseni.net/

So, if you are a member of some hackerspace/Makerspace, take the
survey! It probably takes less than 5 minutes to fill it.

The survey can be found here:

or if the tinyurl is not working, here: