[hackerspaces] A Survey for Hackerspace members about their involvement (second time)


As I promised a while ago, I will do the above mentioned survey again. The first survey was conducted about a year ago. Results can be seen here: http://extreme.ajatukseni.net/2010/07/19/hackerspaces-members-and-involvement-survey-study/

I edited the form slightly, but no major changes were made. Last year 207 hackers participated the survey. Hopefully this time more hackers will participate. Survey will be open 16-30th June 2011, which leaves you 2 weeks time to answer it. Results will be posted to above mentioned blog this summer. The raw data from this survey will be made available for everyone else too for further use. Link to data will be provided in results blog post.

Your help would be needed: if you can (and see fit) spread the word, please do.

Survey can be found from here (hopefully the links works):

Short URL:

Long messy URL: