[hackerspaces] 555 Contest For Hackerspaces

Hello Hackerspace Movers and Shakers!

My name is Chris Gammell. I was so glad to see that there was a listsrv of people involved in hackerspaces across the world (so cool!). I’m interested in telling you about a worldwide contest that many of your members may be interested in participating in, if they have not already heard about it. Jeri Ellsworth and I are running the 555 contest. It’s a simple design contest with a very simple definition what is required to participate. The only real restriction is that your design must use a 555 timer (it can use many as well) and it must fit into one of the categories we decided (which are quite broad). We currently have over $4K in prizes and all sponsors have told us they would be willing to ship anywhere in the world (a restriction in some competitions).

I’ve said it elsewhere and I’ll say it again here: No one running the contest is profiting from it at all. We’re really just hoping to showcase some awesome designs and we’re expecting many of them will come from hackerspaces. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. And thanks for reading!


Chris Gammell