hackerspace passport

The “hackerspace passport” is a fun idea I came across recently, although I’m guessing others have already seen it:


The design is open source, they can also be bought from adafruit, sparkfun, etc. I’ll probably make one for myself, but would there be interest in making a larger batch to spread around hive members? Also, we need the hive13 logo on a stamp :slight_smile:


I actually made a Hive13 stamp for just this purpose several years ago. It is why there is (or at least was) a stamp pad near the entrance and a couple different laser cut linoleum block stamps. The main problem I ran into w/ the linoleum block was that while it cut & etched fairly well on the laser cutter, it was too hard of a material to get a consistent quality stamping.

I later found that you can get laser cutter compatible soft rubber stamp blanks, but I did not purchase them or look into it any further.

I’ve got one that I bought from Adafruit a year or two ago, Mike. Let me know if you wanna borrow it to play around with.


Thanks Paul and Ian! May look into the laser-cuttable stamp rubber. Ian, I’ll take a look at your passport next time I see ya if you have it with you…


We’re probably due for a baby play date soon anyway, Mike! Especially since we didn’t go to the Bloat Open.

Sounds like a plan! We didn’t go either…we are enjoying the USVI!