Hacked IR camera

The results of my camera hacking in an attempt to make a DIY infrared
camera are up here: http://hodapple.com/blag/?p=284
Dave, forward this to your brother or dad if they'd like to see the
full-size images.

Awesome work!!! You should post a link to your blog with a pic or two on the hive13 blog as well.

Great stuff!

Excellent! Very cool effects… Did you have exposed film lying around or did you ask for scraps at a photo processing center?


Despite having never shot pictures on a film camera (besides
disposables) I have a box full of exposed film lying around. When I
received that old Pentax camera I planned to use for the scanning-
panoramic-camera thingy, the sender padded everything in the box with
old video film or something, rather than styrofoam packing peanuts or
bubble wrap.