[H13LEAD] Monoprice select 2 for sale

Message from Tiffany about available 3D printer.

Hi All,
A good friend of ours is moving to Hawaii and can’t take his 3d printer. It is a monoprice select 2 with various upgrades:
Mosfet board upgrade
All metal hotend
Z-brace mods
Glass bed
All aluminum y-carriage plates

He also has various rolls if pla and abs. They move Saturday so they need to sell it quickly. He is asking $200 which is an amazing deal!! Let me know if you are interested - if you let me know today I can even bring it to the hive13 meeting tonight.


Here's my email as it doesn't look like it is showing. I know he also posted it on letgo, so here is the link. If it doesn't sell, he said he'll put it in storage for the next few years.