[H13LEAD] LVL1 Louisville Halloween Sumobot tourney and Hackathons

Hey! Not sure the best way to get this info to you all. I’m organizing a Halloween bash/party Halloween weekend. In addition to the annual sumobot tournament, we will have two hackathons going on, and a party. If you think there is anything going on any of your members would want to drive to Louisville for, let them know, or let me know how to let them know.

My write up for our list is:

Lot’s of stuff going on Halloween weekend. Two co-occurring Hackathons, a sumo bot competition, and a Halloween party! Come by and check it out. It’s not yet on the calendar but we will get it there

Sumo bot Tournament:
When: Saturday the 29th. Contact Brian for exact times
Sumo bots are adorable little robots meant to shove other sumo bots into a burning pit surrounding a sumo ring. Minus the burning pit. Details can be found on the wiki: http://wiki.lvl1.org/Sumobots

Internet of Terror! Hackathon:
When: Friday 28th 8PM till Sunday the 30th 3PM. Preliminary showing after costume contest judging on the 29th
Take something from the internet of things and make it terrifying OR connect something terrifying to the internet of things. Terrifying does not necessarily = scary

Memes of Screams Costume Contest and Hackathon:
When: Friday the 28th 8PM till Saturday 7PM. Judging at 8PM
Don’t feel like electronics hacking halloween weekend? Make a costume based on your favorite internet meme. Wow! Such terror! Extra points for working on the costume at lvl1. Judging is entirely subjective and criteria will be announced at the start of the hackathon.

Halloween Party:
When: Saturday the 29th. 6PM-?
Come enjoy cake and punch while mingling with the denizens of LVL1. Watch sumobots or distract the hackathon participants. A [insert halloween pun here] will be had by all!

Sumobots sounds like a blast.

I have some Amazon Dash buttons that if we were making an entry to the Internet of Terror Hackathon could be useful.