Group order to SparkFun?

Did I recall the HIVE or someone (Craig?) having some SparkFun large
order discount options?

I'm thinking to order about $100 worth of stuff for the Galileo
project and thought to propose to pool this order with others, if that
resulted in some significant discount. Anyone interested in getting
together on this?

I went to SparkFun's website looking for anything about "Cyber Monday"
and FYI their 11-24 post said they will have another Free Day coming
up on January 13, 2011. I didn't want to wait that long, looking to
have something to work on during December holidays.


We have a large oder discount with Adafruit. With sparkfun it’s just the bulk orders they post on the website. Although those can be good. So if you can get people to go in on the same stuff you can get discounts that way. The discounts are in quantity more than amount. At the very least we can save on shipping if we all put in an order at the same time.


Thanks for the update. Yes, I could buy some of the same/different
stuff from Adafruit too. I'll wait till Tuesday night to see if there
is any shared order interest and if not, go ahead and place my orders

Might there be any group interest if there was an upcoming Arduino +
shield class? I've been looking at the "Wave Shield for Arduino kit"
and the "Motor Party Add-on Pack". The Wave Shield might end up in
Galileo's finger and having a class may offset the nominal cost to get
and keep one motor setup on the shelf at the HIVE for general
knowledge and experimentation.


adafruit has 10% off EVERYTHING today. (more than just their kits) That means there will be savings on things we don’t get club discounts on…

Pt 10618

If you are placing an order off sparkfun there are a couple small items I would like to add to the order.

When we were building the sumo-bot I picked the wrong type of connector for the battery, the cost of the shipping is currently higher than the cost for the stupid part.