Group Buys

Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone was interested in doing a group buy at
McMaster-Carr ( ) similar to the one we just
did for Hobby King. Also, I wanted to rekindle people's interest in
the Adafruit Bulk Order.

Here is the link for the Adafruit Spreadsheet:

If we can get the total to go above $250, we can get a good discount
since they give the bulk discount prices to hackerspaces.

If other people are interested in a McMaster Carr order, I will create
a similar spreadsheet for that. There are a few things we need to
order for the Mendel and I have some other misc things I'll probably
throw in too.

Let me know.


I went ahead and made the spreadsheet for a McMaster-Carr order. Feel
free to add to it. I'll place the order next Friday, July 30th, so
get anything you might want on there before then.

Here is the link: