Grizzly Oscillating Spindle & Disc Sander G0529

I brought this up a few weeks ago for a discussion and vote but I wasn’t at the next meeting and I think it got overlooked. Hopefully we can vote on this at the meeting on the 16th.

I recently purchased a new Grizzly G0529 Oscillating & 12" Disc Sander.

This sander is much nicer than anything we have had in the past and has a spindle all the way down to 1/4" unlike many other models. It can stay on the stand or be mounted on a bench. I have about $450 in purchasing this but would allow the Hive to purchase it for $350 if we think this is something we would like to have. Not really a big deal to me either way, I just figure it would be put to better use here than in my basement.