Greetings from your new CTO, and welcome the NWO

My name is Dave Blundell. Most of you probably already know who I am. I just received enough votes to get elected CTO even if everyone who hasn’t yet voted votes against me, so you will have to deal with my tyranny for the remainder of my term. (muhahahahah)

I plan on doing things differently than the former CTO(s). (No disrespect intended) At least with technology, there will be a New World Order.

First and foremost, I do not want to do this job alone. I’m a fairly technically capable guy and I’m sure I could do it alone if I had to but things would take a lot longer to get done - we are an organization full of technically savvy people. This isn’t good for anyone, least of all people who are trying to use the space. I have plenty of ideas about things to do with technology at the space and I plan on getting them done. I’m also sure there are plenty of other things that I would never think of. Please bring your technology needs (and desires?) to my attention so I can try to make things happen. There will be things that aren’t open to everyone (i.e. I’m not going to have the root passwords to all the routers and servers plastered over the hive) but I am going to do my best to make sure that everyone who wants to be involved in how technology is implemented at the hive can be, especially if express themselves. I will be regularly announcing work on technology infrastructure to the mailing list to give interested parties a chance to participate.

The first group technology project will be happening Saturday, 12/1. We will be trying to get the wiring and core network at the hive to a happier place. There will be wiring pulled, jacks installed, wires punched. If you would like to help, show up at/after 10am.

Also slated for more-or-less immediate action:
-Installation of a donated high-power HP WAP to replace HiveInt and hand out addresses on same network as HiveInt
-Configuration of the Proliant DL360 G5 server just donated with VMWare ESXi 5.1 for a virtual laboratory
I hope to have all of these initiatives done in the next 2-4 weeks

Longer-term initiatives that I’m pretty set on doing:
-Configuration of the Proliant DL360 G4 server with Xen virtualization framework (or ESXi 4.0 ?)
-Configuration of the network with VLANs to resurrect the “dirty” network
-Investigation of higher speed internet to replace or augment the current connection
-Setting up Hive13 logins. All computers in the space will be set up to authenticate off a central server. Home directories on the fileserver will follow you where you are logged in. Some computers will allow guest logins, others (such as the laser cutter computer, makerbot computer, etc.) will require a valid Hive13 login.
I do not currently have a time frame for these initiatives.

Beyond these things, one of my main overall goals is to MAKE TECHNOLOGY USEFUL at the Hive. A perfect example of this is the wireless situation at the hive. HiveNet (open) and Hive13Int (private) provide a marginal signal in many parts of the space, as measured by the signal meter app on my Nexus S. The high-power HP WAP slated to come online was donated over a year ago, and could have made a significant difference in the quality of service available. Another part of CTO role that I feel has been sorely neglected in the past is managing resources effectively. The Hive is full of “stuff” (read “crap”) that for the most part gets donated without a clear plan. We do not need over 100 ports of 10/100 switch, beyond what we are currently using to power our network. We do not need a pile of Pentium 1, 2 and 3 processors. I firmly believe that in order to make technology useful, we need to clear out antiquated hardware in order to make room for stuff we can actually use. I want to try to make the most effective use of the resources we have, get rid of shit that we will never use in a timely manner and lobby for the purchase of things we really need.

To this end:
-I have picked 4 - 24 port 10/100 switches and 2 - 10-100 hubs in addition to those currently in use to keep. I have tested all of them and repaired any defective cooling fans. (still need to find 2 wall warts for hubs, but they’re 12V 1A = easy to find, we have some)
-I have picked a pile of other 10/100 switches, Cisco 17xx and 26xx routers, Cisco 675 ADSL routers, etc. to get rid of. They are currently on Craigslist. (search for “hive13”). IF YOU WANT A 10/100 SWITCH OR HUB, THEY ARE FREE FOR THE TAKING BUT YOU MUST LET ME KNOW AND REMOVE THEM FROM HIVE13.
-I have sorted the Heatsinks, CPU fans attached to sinks and brushless fans. They’re in bins labelled according to size.
-I have removed any processors older than a Pentium 4 from the CPU drawer. They are in a box near the recycling pile by the back door and will be sold to gold merchants.
-I have started to test CPU towers around the hive. Any dead or non functioning machine will be stripped of useful shit™ and recycled.
-I have started to find CPU towers older than Pentium 4. These will be announced for demolition at meetings and then recycled.
-I will be weeding through the spare parts collection with the goal of keeping no more than 3 {parts}, i.e. 3 PCI video cards, 3 AGP video cars, 3 - 56k modems, … Any parts that will be disposed of will be offered to the membership before recycling.

Thanks for listening to my Rant.™
You should be seeing things of this nature about monthly from me to keep the membership informed about what I am doing as CTO and where projects are at.

P.S. if you don’t like any of this and/or disagree with me, please argue with me. I don’t bite. Promise.