Great idea for keeping track of actual filament used (filament counter)

I saw this this morning on and it would be an excellent idea for our 3D printers

This could easily get rid of the hassle of weighing, and could even be electronically implemented for connectivity in hivemind or our laser minutes site.

-Jim Shealy

I love the idea, it’s more accurate and hopefully we don’t have to hassle with the paper anymore. I like the analog design, but maybe we should make it more digital?

I definitely agree, digital would probably be very easy with an arduino and a rotary encoder. Add a potentiometer and you might be able to auto sense 1.75mm or 3mm filament.

This won’t drag enough to cause problems feeding into the machine, will it? Right now the rolls are just on bars- no bearings or anything … I haven’t heard of it being a problem so far (more like tangled filament not feeding) but how much resistance will this add?

My guess is almost none… It should be pretty free spinning