Great CNC CAM software

Hey Hive13,

Brian from LVL1 here. We just got a license for the Makerspace Edition of Vcarve Pro to drive our big ShopBot and our ZenBot and we have another CNC being worked on. Vcarve pro is some serious cam software for CNC machines and their makespace editon allows members to install on their home computers and then use the design files to drive the big machines. Check it out. Only $99/yr. Here is the link Please don’t think this is spam, it is just your Louisville friends letting you know of a pretty good deal for a hackerspace.


Thanks for the tip.
We’ve been using it for over a year. :grinning:
Pretty powerful software.

We should maintain some communication about stuff like this.

Hope all is well.


Agreed. I hope it works for you. The vectric folks were pretty picky about making sure we were a makerspace. It took more than a few emails to get to purchase.