Great clean up today


Just wanted to thank everyone for all the effort on the cleanup today!

I was there earlier in the day and managed to clean out the vacuum cleaner filters. I can say that I have never seen one so clogged. :grinning: I think this particular prefilter was not so obvious and slipped under the radar. Now the vacuum cleaners actually suck stuff off the floor, instead of just sucking.

The place is looking much better. Coy (and sometimes me) is doing work on the CNC area, and Elly is working on the woodworking area. The electronic parts area got a well deserved cleanout and even the bathroom looks “better”.

Good Times.

Honestly it was a fun day with a fun group of people. I feel we got a lot of cleaning done as well as a lot of project buttoned-up and little side projects that were being worked on figure it out in the process while talking to other members on how to work on something. I would really like to keep the idea that Dustin came up with today or if someone else did it previously credit to you as well. But the fact that even after hanging out and everybody having fun while getting stuff done and then going out to like Dave and Busters or another fun local place to just have fun with members is a great way to be around everyone in a less stressful environment LOL. I know everyone down there at one point and another gets frustrated because a project isn’t going right or the screw that you needed shot across the room and you can’t find it so it puts you in a bad mood LOL and the fact that people can have a day of working and then go have some fun socially afterwards is just awesome. I’m definitely taking up on that offer for the next cleanup day I come to I just want to wait till Katie can come with me, leaving her at home while I’m having all the fun at Dave & Busters which is somewhere she likes to go would be torture with the fact that she’s not allowed to leave the house right now with her treatment LOL and I would like to wake up with a bloody nose and her swinging a tube sock with soap in it :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the cleanup day, I think the hive looks much nicer. The after cleanup was fun as well, we hit up a buffet and then played a bit at Dave and busters.

I really enjoyed the social time after the cleanup and its something I would Luke to continue. I would ideally like to get to the point where second Saturday cleanups days weren't just days we cleaned the space, but a day where we work to improve the space as well.

One thing at a time though, but I believe this is a step in the right direction! =]