Gopro clones

Anyone know a good place to get decently low cost go pro knock offs.

Has a knockoff for $19.99.

Not nearly GoPro, but for $20 can be worth a test.

Thanks Brad, I ordered 2!
If they dont work for what I need, I may just donate them to the hive.

Sorry I got to this late I have been busy as hell. I have ordered the go pro knockoffs made by sj cams for a while and the results have gotten way better with each model. I even use them as a high Def Web cam to keep tabs on my ultimaker with a extra Skype account and auto answer lol.

They have the sj 4000, 5000, and 6000 I believe is the new model. The 4000 you have to start and stop from the unit which is now a little older and the other 2 you can control over WiFi or blue tooth. They have multiple different versions on ebay and use the same cases /hardware attachments as go pro. I got a HUGE kit of every attachment made for 14 bucks and it is DURABLE.

I have not got the newest one yet and I lost 2 in San Francisco :frowning: however I was getting them for between 20 and 40 bucks through ebay and alli. They have ultra heavy duty water proof cases they come with and most even fit all the wide angle and lens kits for go pro as well. One used to be handle bar mounted on my race bike and even at the old 720p and the whole kit under 40 bucks it whooped ass.

Anything sj cams based is awesome if I can find my 720 or 1080 p ones that didn’t go missing in San Francisco I’ll let ya borrow one if you want to try it, they were 20 or 25 at the time which did more than an ok job lol. Let me know if I can help.

Kevin, Can you send a link of the newer models? I am seeing like 6 brands of the “SJ7000” & SJ8000

The ones I bought over a year ago were all ebay “specials” of the sj cam clones. However I did buy one sj cam authentic model and it was a lot better. Hope that that helps.

Kevin, got a few of them SJ4000’s in… that battery life though! I gotta figure out how to hook one to each of my printers so I can do the skype call for each one

I just usb cable it to my laptop and create an account and turn the auto answer function on. I made an account for each printer lol.