In case somebody doesn't have an invite, I have some Google+ invites
to share

I would love to try it if you have a spare :slight_smile:

I’d like one as well please!

I need your email address, or you can send me an email at I'm not sure how many I have but it will be first
come first serve


Ditto :slight_smile:

Thanks Much Bro!


Would be super interested to try it out as well.

I am all out of invites. Hopefully, if there is still interest, we can
post here and the recipients of the invites can pay it forward

You may also try

Bummer missed out. If anybody gets one please send it to me.


Where did you “see” that you had Google+ invites? (just so we all know where to look for them and can pay it forward when they show up)


Ah… It looks like they have temporarily turned off invites because of the overwhelming response:

If you see it’s back on, make sure to tell the group so we can add other people. Is there a place besides this thread that we can list all the HIVE13 members still wanting to get in? Now that a few people are on we should be able to quickly get everyone on board.


I managed to get on during that small invite window. So we should only need a few more invites to get the whole group on.


When invites open up I promise to post here first!

To invite unlimited amount of people w/o waiting for the invite window follow these steps:

Create a circle and include the people you want to invite
Then make a post and address it to that circle
Check the box that says something like “Send emails to non google+ members of this circle”

They will then receive the post as an email with a link that will let them join google+


please circle me :slight_smile:


Ok, I am finally curious, could I also get one of these circle things?