Google fiber (to the hive?)

Hey all,

I took 4 minutes to fill out the application requesting Google to
build a fiber network in Cincinnati and run it to the hive. Perhaps
if they get enough feedback, it could help. Please consider taking a
moment to apply.

It probably didn't hurt to mention that we are a hackerspace applying
for 501(c)(3) status ;]


i sent mine in.

google's push is about choice and competition in the broadband market,
something that hive13 experienced first hand when time warner told us
5 grand or GTFO leaving us with the choice of DSL or nothing.

one thing to keep in mind, they want your submissions to be short and
sweet, only one box lets you submit 1000 characters, the rest are like
300 something.

I sent one in for Cincinnati, too. If Google could break the CBT
monopoly......... :drool:

also: google adsense, stop taunting me with your verizon fios ads.

verizon don't know about my nati.

I would love to see Google in here – That being said, I’m impressed with my CBT 30mbit FiOptics.

Do you think Google would consider Cincinnati due to the fact that CBT & TW have such a stronghold here?

Perhaps we could get bigger organizations in support of this. (I can’t think of any off the top of my head)


Sounds like an ignite talk. GIGABIT PIPES | WE HAVE THEM


PROPER VERB TENSE | I did it wrong.